Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, since it's 106 degrees here and it's too hot to paint (or ship paintings safely, for that matter), I'm on a mission: to drive to Deadwood, South Dakota in 2 days, leaving tomorrow at 4am. Easy enough - it's 18 hours straight, but I do like to meander and take pictures of odd things and landscapes across the vastness of Montana and Wyoming, especially if there are storms. Deadwood is near Devils Tower, so I am really excited. I've been there before, but it's always such a rush, coming over the small crest of that park road leading to it, and then Wow! There's that crazy alien monolith looming over everything else in view. So amazing.

Why am I going to Deadwood? Because I need a jackalope from Wall Drug... just kidding. Because it's nearly halfway to Wisconsin. My mom is driving out to meet me there to hand over a rather large but fancy painting Randy and I bought in Cedarburg, WI, a few months back. I don't trust it being shipped (for we don't know it's true value value - it is a museum-worthy Austrian piece painted in 1845), so we're driving it out ourselves, all wrapped safe and snug. Meeting halfway was a smart thing to do. And we get to play the slots, and perhaps take in a nice mine shaft tour.

I'll be posting from the road. I'm staying in Butte, Montana, tomorrow night, in a hotel called the War Bonnet Hotel... and yes, I am staying there because of the name. And they have free wi-fi.

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Gwendolyn said...

Have a safe & lovely trip. I love that northeastern area of my home state, Wyoming. And Devils Tower is really quite magical isn't it? Have fun in Deadwood, it's a pretty little town!