Monday, August 20, 2007

Time Flies

city birds for the Enormous Tiny Art Show II

Whew! What a month... the 20 year high school reunion in Wisconsin was a blast! Was so nice to see everyone again. I miss them so!

Our restaurant, CAVA Tavern, opens in about 3 weeks. We're getting things done, slowly but surely. The kitchen is a functioning space now. Chef JB whipped up a nice ahi tuna lunch for us last week that was divine...

The place is shaping up. Two huge church pews were delivered yesterday, and they look great in the space. And we're going back to our favorite antique shop today to find more pub tables and whatever else strikes our fancy. My dear old friend Todd Robinett is kindly redoing the tiles in the bathrooms at the last minute for us. And Larry from Lumen Essence is delivering our lights today, that he himself designed. They are the perfect combination of castle gothic style and that cozy French amber glow. I'll be running around today like a chicken with my head cut off, gathering things from Liquid Nails to yards of brown velvet.

And there are two shows coming up that I am really excited to be a part of! One is at SQFT Gallery in Nashville, and the other is the Enormous Tiny Art Show II at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I'm so happy to be sharing my art in the eastern US through these shows. Sadly, I can't make it to the openings of either of these, but I hope everyone has a great time.


traci said...

yehaw! i can't wait to come over for dinner! congratulations to you both. it must be so exciting.

Anonymous said...


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