Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Birthdays

Today is my sister Kris' birthday, who is way over in Wisconsin where I grew up. It is also my dear friend Trish Grantham's birthday! She and I are the same age. It has been great having a friend that not only is a full-time artist like myself, but also loves the same things I do, including our food and drink! Except she doesn't enjoy live concerts and shows... I have to work on that! Here are some pics, one of the birthday girl herself, and others of her amazing yard and little vignettes in her home, taken at the bbq she hosted on the 4th. It is probably the most charming and welcoming home you would ever step foot into. And I could learn a thing or two about keeping my house clean from her.

Happy Birthday Trish and Kris!


The Lonely Robot said...

Happy Birthday Trish!

catia said...

what amazing walls- full of framed birds prints and silhouettes within silhouettes. Can I ask who is the artist behind these silhouette art pieces? I love the concept.

I'm an artist also and it's always interesting to me to see what artist's actually have on THEIR walls.

Breanna said...

I would love to know who created the mobile in the bird collection.

Kate said...

The little corner of bird art...beautiful!!

Anonymous said...


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